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The Equipment                       

Here at R K Engineering we have a Sun Ram 12 rolling road. This has been upgraded with the addition of TAT computer datalogging and dyno plot software. This allows us to do interia dyno plots for cars up to 600bhp. We can also log Air-fuel ratios and boost allowing us to see just what your engine is up to.At the end of the dyno pull the car is allowed to coast down producing a curve for the transmission loss of the vehicle. From this we can produce a good estimate of the flywheel power being produced by the car.  

What to do before a rolling road

                      Before bringing your car for a rolling road tune its a good idea to check that the car is in good health mechanically. Make sure it has been serviced up to date, has a clean air filter, good spark plugs etc. This saves time checking the basics if any problems are found.Make sure the car has a good amount of fuel in it. If you have a high performance turbo car we would always recommend running it on super unleaded fuel. If we are doing any tuning work make sure you have filled up with the fuel that you will be using every day. Its no use having the car tuned on super unleaded if you are going to go away and fill up with regular! Make sure your tyres are in reasonable condition and have the correct pressures. Its worth remembering that some vehicles will approach 150mph on the dyno!! Make sure the engine is in reasonable health, not smoking excessivly and with no major oil and water leaks.Make sure you inform the dyno operator of any known faults/issues.If you have a few of you that are interested in running their cars together then contact us about the possibility of a rolling road day/group discount.

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