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Custom Re-Maps

We currently offer three different re-map products.

Phase One

Phase one remap is ideal for the standard and lightly modified car. The re-map takes in to consideration performance and economy to give an impressive gain in performance.

Phase Two

Phase Two offers drivers seeking the best from their existing modifications a chance to tailor their driving experience with our totally customised remap service.

Owners of vehicles with Cold Air Intakes, Sports Exhaust Systems, Sports Cats, Nitrous Oxide, Water Injection, Aftermarket Cams or Hybrid Turbos should use this service.

You as a customer can help determine various factors such as Power Delivery, RPM Limits and General Driver Requests.

Phase Three

Phase three is a completely custom re-map. If you have a big turbo or a super-charger conversion then this is the re-map for you. Mapping can take up to 3 days to create the best custom map possible.

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