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We carry out all areas of engine tuning and conversions. Anything from a simple bolt on upgrade to full engine re-builds, custom intercoolers and turbo conversions, we can help you out. Below are just a few examples of conversions we have carried out.

Example conversions

            Golf Mk4 R32 Turbo

                        Conversion carried out using a customer supplied EIP Turbo kit for LHD

                        R K Custom downpipe and modified manifold

                        Dutch VR6 specialist stage 3 turbo and software upgrade

                        R K built bottom end with forged pistons

                        R K custom gear ratios

                        550++ bhp

            R S Turbo 2l ZVH

                        2l "ZVH" conversion

                        Fully ported head,        

                        Stage 5 Newman Cam


                        SFS Performance silicone hoses (coolant and boost)

                        250+ bhp

            Golf Mk3 G60

                        G60 engine conversion

                        R K Custom wiring loom and pipework

            Rallye S3 20vt

                        1.8t Audi TT engine conversion.

                        Emerald standalone engine management

                        Custom pipe work

                        Custom downpipe

                        280 bhp.

            Mk1 Golf Cabrio 1.8t

                        1.8t Audi S3 engine

                        Emerald standalone engine management

                        Fully adjustable coilover suspension

                        Custom Front mount intercooler

                        Custom engine mounts

                        Corrado G60 brakes all round including master cylinder and servo

                        R K custom downpipe and full 2.5" exhaust system


cab2  cab3  p5110401

            Corrado 16vG60

                        2.0 16vG60

                        Emerald standalone engine management

                        R K Custom fabricated Intercooler, Radiator and pipework

                        R K Custom Inlet manifold


            Nissan Skyline

                        2.5 Gts-t

                        Re-build engine with forged low comp pistons and steel rods

                        HKS/Garret GT30-76


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